Help our emergency responders

To the Editor,

The letter from Duane Stadnik asking about whether there is an ordinance for house numbers? Yes, there is a county ordinance adopted by the Hancock County commission in 2003. House numbers are supposed to be 4 inches in height and businesses are required 6 inch numbers. The ordinance covers all aspects of how and where the numbers are to be located as well.

Working for the county as their director of technology from 2006 until I retired in 2013 we had 3 separate initiatives sponsored by Busy Beaver and Lowe’s to offer discount pricing on house numbers to all county residents. Some homeowners took advantage of the offer but most didn’t, as it turns out. Not having house numbers is a punishable offense but has never been enforced.

While at the county we witnessed first responders, especially at night, frantically trying to locate homes with medical emergencies only to drive past them repeatedly, which slowed response. You can only do so much to inform people. Special posters were placed throughout the county trying to bring awareness to the importance of house numbers and the critical nature of getting first responders to homes or businesses quickly and on the first attempt. When responders have a difficult time finding a home, response is slowed, and many times residents are critical to blame but they have to understand it all starts with them. If they are just too lazy or irresponsible not to purchase and display house numbers, then they shouldn’t criticize those that are trying desperately to help them in an emergency situation.

Thomas Zielinsky