Hobby Lobby ruling wrong

To the Editor,

To begin, everyone knows corporations are not persons and their religion (purpose) is to make money while shielding their owners from responsibility for the decisions that their leadership makes. Otherwise, there would be a lot of CEOs doing a lot of hard time for many of their irresponsible decisions.

Corporations now have more rights than persons. Were this not true, they would have the right to go to prison just like the rest of us. We will be equal when the first corporation goes to jail and my speech is just as well financed as that of the Koch brothers.

Medical benefits should be looked on as part of one’s payment package, just as the money in your paycheck. Who gave them the right to decide how you should spend your paycheck?

Aside from the blatant hypocrisy of Hobby Lobby, it owns stock in abortion-producing pharmaceutical companies. This decision opens a can of giant, smelly, diseased worms that are impossible to regulate in a consistent and fair-minded manor.

For instance, how can a court allow the withholding of contraceptives, then turn around and disallow other corporations from withholding blood transfusions, transplants, various drugs and vaccines that they also don’t find compatible with their religious tenants. They simple could not.

If courts could then apply laws inconsistently, then there would be no justice. Laws applied unevenly are laws applied in one religion’s favor at the expense of another. This is in the Constitution – the Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion.

Some religions don’t believe in any medical treatment at all. How, then, could the court force the religiously held corporation to pay for any treatment at all without holding that one is superior to the other. This would clearly be the establishment of one religion over another, and that is unconstitutional?

Five members of the supremely insane court just can’t manage to see the forest for all of the trees in the way.

Corporatists and theocrats made a mockery of the Constitution and its authors.

Is this a right-wing plot to destroy the Affordable Care Act or just five justices who are unable to see beyond the ends of their noses. Ironically, once again, all are Republican appointees.

Hopefully, all future appointments to this august body will be from a Democratic perspective and filibusters are rendered impotent before Justices Samuel Alito, Antoin Scalia and Clarence Thomas destroy the country.

Oh, by the way, contraceptives are credited with reducing the rate of abortions by 75 percent. Withholding them therefore causes abortions. Who is who here?

Bob Atkinson