Launching a mayoral campaign

To the Editor,

My wife, Chris, and I are vested in this city that we call home. All three of our children – Jason and Lynn, Jeff and Karla and Deena Tomshack and Andrew – along with our six grandchildren are also here. We have homes, family and many friends who are also vested in Weirton.

I worked for 33 years in the sales department of Weirton Steel, and traveled to many cities in the U.S. and outside the country. I was proud to say I was from Weirton Steel in Weirton, West Virginia. We had a reputation for quality steel products and being a first class community.

Weirton has so much to offer, but we need a leader with vision and a plan to get us back to being number one in the Ohio Valley and the state of West Virginia.

Since 1967 I’ve been active in our community, my church and with school safety issues. “The safety and security of our children is my number one priority.”

I feel I am the most qualified person to hold the office of mayor of Weirton, and I will seek and campaign beginning now until the elections next April.

My experience of serving on council from 2003 to 2011, and being a small business owner of three companies – Alota Steel Associates, The Seeing Beyond Foundation and the Victorian Hall (home of Bubba’s Wings) – having retired in 2000 as general manager of sales and services from Weirton Steel Corp. and vice president of Allegheny Steel in 2002, along with a degree in accounting gives me the skills to manage and market our community into the future.

My top priorities are as follows: your safety and your security; alternative income sources (I addressed this issue last election); marketing our community as the place to live; business development; improve citizens’ services; fast track permits; internal energy cost management controls; disabled and seniors assistance programs; an all-season activity field at the old Jimmy Carey Stadium.

I support the efforts of the Marland Heights Civic Association.

Please don’t be indifferent about this election of our next mayor!

“The future is a terrible thing to waste.” Elect Harold “Bubba” Miller your next mayor!

Harold Miller