Truth and credibility

To the Editor,

Credibility is a concept that the tea party seem to hold with esteem, but in fact with disdain. They seem to have little to no interest in the truth.

There are consequences to the blatant disregard of the truth. It teaches us not to trust or believe what you say. Simply said, you can’t just make stuff up!

One local letter writer claims to side with Clive Bundy, a rich “welfare cowboy” that owes the federal government a million dollars in grazing fees. His reason for not paying them, “I don’t recognize the federal government.” Nevada is the highest sovereignty he does recognize, sometimes his own county, asking the sheriff to arrest federal agents.

Some of the maniacs out there were training their weapons on federal agents in support of this flag waver that doesn’t recognize his own duly elected government.

Go ahead, side with this racist, unpatriotic moocher, but don’t try to pass him and Donald Sterling off as great guys put upon by the government and the media.

Sterling was fond of saying he gave his players this and that. Giving is what you do with your slaves. Paying is what you do with your employees. I think he is confused. He owns the team, not the team mates.

I was on welfare as a boy when my father died, and I strongly hold in contempt the view that I was somehow a slave or had deminished self esteem or no sense of shame or personal responsibility.

I have been responsible, and, unfortunately, I have been ashamed. Not for needing help as a boy, but for things that I have done wrong. Have you? Think about that the next time you make something up and pass it off as a fact!

That reminds me of the disgust and disdain I have for “neo cons” like Dick Chaney and, yes indeed for a news media that actually wants to know what he thinks the president should do about Iraq or the Benghazi attack leader being captured.

Why would anyone want to know what he thinks about anything? You know, being the malevolant old puppet master that neo-conned G.W. into starting an unnecessary war that killed over 400 soldiers and wounded over 30,000 others that, by the way, cost us a trillion dollars while overwhelming a VA system that Republicans underfunded against the wishes of the president and Secretary Clinton.

Rewriting history is also not credible. Wrong is not right, but wrong is way to t he right. That’s where it lives!

For months now, anything that was not “Benghazi” was a distraction. Now that the leader was captured, a Fox anchor says “That’s a good thing, I suppose” and Rush Limbaugh calls it a distraction.

The captured leader also says that the anti-Islamic video was a reason for the attack. Anyone want to apologize to Susan Rice?

Why is all of this? Oh, I forgot, it’s the fault of that Kenyan, Muslim, secretly gay married, communist, imperial, weak president. All those right-wing charges turned out to be credible, didn’t they?

Bob Atkinson