Make the time

To the Editor,

A simple smile, a hello, a card, a letter, a phone call and even a visit could mean more than you can imagine to someone in their later years of their life and living alone.

Now that I am growing older and living alone, I realize the big mistake I made when I was younger and could have made a difference in someone’s life if only for a day.

I now feel guilty I missed all the opportunities I had to visit a sick family member. I feel the same about friends and people I knew well.

If only I could go back in time and sit with a family member or could have called once in a while, I wouldn’t feel so guilty.

The reason I wrote this letter is to remind everyone, don’t pass up the chance to brighten someone’s day by a short visit or phone call or even a carding “thinking of you.” It took me 73 years to realize how much it means to someone. Do not make the same mistake I did.

I am fortunate to have a good family who stay in touch with me. Every phone call or text, I get excited. When I get a card or letter, it makes my day.

Now that you know, make a list of family members, relatives and friends who are ill or living alone and make a point to make contact. It will be the best gift you can give them and in your old age, you won’t feel guilty like me.

When you’re at the funeral home paying your respects, you know you missed your chance. You’re too late.

Tony Yachini