Not going quietly

To the Editor,

Some weeks back, the IRS came under fire for having “lost” e-mails which would have contained information pertinent to Congressional hearings on certain questionable aspects of the agency’s activities. Now, coincidentally, we have another seven “computer crashes,” taking with them untold numbers of documents. Hey, it worked once, right? Remember, folks, these people are going to be handling our medical records.

Senate President Harry Reid is upset over the “Hobby Lobby” verdict; in his sternest tremulous whisper Reid expressed great displeasure with the “five white men” who rendered the decision. Of course, one of those five, Clarence Thomas, is black, but whatever.

Reid further rambled about how the Senate was going to “get to work” and vote on the decision, apparently unaware that once the Supreme Court decides an issue, that’s it; the end. This does serve to illustrate two important points, however: first, that Reid’s grasp of our system may just be weaker than his voice, and second, how quickly liberals/Democrats are to invoke race, even in cases where it’s irrelevant. It’s become a knee-jerk reaction; almost instinctive. That’s sad.

Crying “racism,” however, is their only remaining weapon, especially concerning Obama. They know and understand full well by now, what an indefensibly corrupt, incompetent pig in a poke they bought. Twice.

I often wonder how many of them, deep down, still believe he was re-elected honestly and fairly, and if that truly even matters to them. Rarely, if ever, has a president been re-elected with so low an overall approval rating, the country and economy in such a shambles. I guess ability, integrity and leadership don’t matter, just as long as he’s a Democrat.

Besides, as the first black president, he can’t be allowed to fail. No matter how much, or how badly, he screws up, he must be coddled and protected. In this, he truly is the “Affirmative-Action President.”

The Democratic Party’s motto should be “Cutting him slack, because he’s black.” They deliberately turn a blind eye, ignoring or excusing each humiliating misstep and every criminal misdeed.

Isn’t that, in itself, a kind of racism?

In 2008, in these pages, I predicted that if Obama were elected, criticism of his presidency would be discouraged, that his supporters would accuse his detractors of racism. I’m going to go out on a limb here, and predict that if Hillary is elected in 2016, “racism” will become “sexism.” Indications are it’s a pretty sturdy limb.

We’re required to brace ourselves and be accepting, tolerating the intolerable – a weak, disengaged, sorely corrupt, embarrassingly inept President who happens to be black, and thus insulated from accountability; rampant illegal immigration and a government which does nothing to discourage, and indeed encourages, it; creeping Shariah Law, which goes against everything this country has stood for since its inception; we endure all of this, in the name of Political Correctness – right until the bitter end. And the end will be bitter, for everyone, regardless of political persuasion.

I, for one, refuse to go gently, or quietly.

Rob Denham