Some things that come to mind

To the Editor,

As I sit here pondering on what to write, there are a few things that I have sometime wondered…and questioned. So here we go.

If you park in an area that states on a sign: “Head in parking only”…would I be arrested if my head was out of my vehicle?

Another sign that is popular in road construction areas…orange in color, with a black hard hat in the middle of the sign. It reads: “Give ‘Em A Brake…Hard at Work.” When I see this sign, doesn’t their lunch break count for such?

Ah…here’s a sign I see on my travels. And it is a tricky one. A stop sign…and underneath it is: “Right turn keep moving.” This one sounds like an express line for cattle….move it! How about “Left Turn on Green Arrow.” This is not to be confused with those “belt routes” that have every colored arrow pointing you to drive in circles around your destination.

Merge is a curse word, politely speaking. For every driver that tries to do this maneuver, you are either expressing you gratitude for that driver who will not co-operate, and vice versa.

Indianapolis Traffic Light is a traffic light designated for those who didn’t qualify for the Indianapolis 500. Red lights aren’t in the picture, until a car with red, blue, and yellow appears in your rear-view mirror. And trust me folks, those bright lights may look pretty, but they are not the light tree that you see at a drag strip raceway.

Kevin Neverly