Tennant right for West Virginia

To the Editor,

Democrats win when Democrats take sides. It is hoped West Virginia Secretary of State Natalie Tennant and the current Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate from the Mountain State will be on hand to cut the ribbon when the headquarters is open with a tentative date of August for this year’s election.

Tennant brings hope to the hill people of West Virginia and promise to the people living here in the valley. In the Democratic tradition, she will improve the economic lives of the people of the Northern Panhandle. This is her primary calling card like FDR did when he came to Brooke County in 1932.

Roosevelt took sides in his final campaign speech on Oct. 31, 1936. He said his campaign was about issues like Social Security. He was having trouble being head over the load cheers of the crowd. The nation listened on the radio as FDR took the side of working people.

What happened next is that American production increased 97 percent between 1947 and 1973, and the minimum wage increased 95 percent during that same period for the working class.

Today’s U.S. Senate campaign could be conducted over a cathedral radio. It’s about our Social Security and the economics of the wage earner. When Tennant speaks, she is speaking to each of us about the issue that matters most to us.

When the ribbon is cut, among the sea of smiling faces will be my grandparents, great-grandparents and parents … looking down from heaven. It might have happened 83 years ago in Wellsburg, but it’s happening all over again -another great Democrat is coming here. Eleanor? No – it’s Natalie Tennant this time.

Michael Traubert