Trump will be good enough

To the Editor,

Speaking as a conservative, I don’t like, or trust, Donald Trump. Over the years, he’s made statements supporting government healthcare, abortion, gun control and government spying on citizens, among other things I’m not fond of.

The only other option in that particular avenue, in this field of candidates, might be Ted Cruz, whom I do like, but who has eligibility questions that, while they let Obama get away with it, I seriously doubt they’ll let Cruz do so, and for obvious reasons: he’s white and he’s a Republican. Thus, he’s not PC, not “diverse” enough, to let him slide.

Speaking as an American, though, I do like Trump, because I think he really has the nation’s best interests at heart, and is potentially the best thing that could happen to this country at this point in time. I think he’d be good for the economy and jobs, he supports the military and national defense, opposes illegal immigration and the spread of Islamic Sharia Law in America, he’s a top-notch negotiator, and knows how to read people. What he lacks in political experience, he can make up for in contacts and advisers. That’s what a president does.

Besides, people’s views can change over the years; maybe he’s seen what a chaotic, leaderless, corrupt cesspool this country’s management level has become.

Trump’s clearly not afraid to speak his mind and is saying things about our country and government, truthful things that need said, and that we all wish we could say, and be heard, which is what’s earned him such a following. He’s just utterly, amusingly tactless and ham-fisted in saying them. This seems to be what most people seem to have trouble with him. We’re used to overly-polite, wimpy, bootlicking, buttkissing politicians who make that soft, neutral, inoffensive, thumb-laying-against-the-forefinger fisty thing, rather than pointing their finger and making a nice, strong point.

Trump not only points, he splays his fingers, waves his arms…he’s not afraid to be who he is. He doesn’t have to be; he’s worth $10 billion, and is financing his own campaign, so he’s beholden to no one…another thing I like about him.

As with Mitt Romney, I have no allusions that Donald Trump is a true, dyed-in-the-wool, conservative Republican in the tradition of Ronald Reagan. But right now, I’d take a nice, middle-right, pro-American Republican like Eisenhower or Nixon, because we need one.

At this point, good enough is good enough.

“You’ll never find a candidate you agree with one hundred percent, but if you can get to liking seven out of ten things, why, that’s a home run.” – Herman Cain


Rob Denham