We’ll all suffer from these delusions

To the Editor,

The delusions of the gang of seven men vying for the presidency on the (you guessed it) Republican ticket. The debate turned into a Fox News picture of America in decline. Not one kind word was heard about the greatness of America.

They love using the word the Constitution, yet it’s not an infallible document. It was fine when plow points were the topic of the day.

It has taken 27 amendments to correct some of the consequences of incompetent legislation in the beginning.

With the population expanding to 500 million, and ethnicity changing its color, it might take another 27 to straighten some modern day issues out, if we are still here.

Climate change, you know.

As the population expands to 500 million by 2042, I don’t visualize folks migrating to North Dakota or New Mexico.

The folks will gather like the water buffalo; millions at the watering hole. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Cleveland and New York City’s populations will triple.

The ghettoes in the big cities will become slums just like other over-populated cities in the world, run by gangs, the norm for unemployment will be 50 million.

Just a thought! One homeless person is manageable, two become a problem, thousands a catastrophe, and what do the gang of seven talk about? Cutting taxes for the big corporations with $3 trillion sitting off shore.

America is the richest country in the world, but the most inept in how to distribute its riches.

America will spend more money on weapons to destroy infrastructure than spend money on machinery to rebuild infrastructure.

If the private sector will not get back to providing jobs, instead of hording their riches, all in America will suffer the consequences.

Steve Kopa