Whatever happened to good shows

To the Editor,

When I was growing up, your television brought in four or five channels. They went on the air around 6 a.m., and off the air around 1 a.m.. But, there were family shows that all family members could watch. You weren’t embarrassed.

Today, you have to look twice before you watch. Language, dress codes and innocence are no longer present. Foul language, sex, drugs and negative thoughts are the normals for today’s shows. Soap operas, drama and even comedy have their share of the dirty pool.

Whatever happened to the good old mom-and-pop shows? They had moral values. Compare that to today’s shows. If there isn’t blood, deaths, sex or drugs, you won’t see it on TV.

When the new shows appear next fall, let’s just hope that at least one or two shows will follow the old way of programs – clean and simple.

Kevin Neverly