An angel among us

To the Editor,

I live in a high-rise in downtown Weirton. Many of the elderly have a very difficult time getting to the doctors or the grocery store, church or department store without the help of Connie. I will just use her first name because every elderly person who lives alone and needs help knows Connie, our angel.

Connie is not just a van driver provided by the city, she’s a friend who will help you with anything possible; help you in and out of the van, help you carry groceries, or anything you have that you might need help carrying. She will pick you up at the doctors and ask about your condition with real concern like the angel she is.

Connie treats everyone she helps like you’re special.

As you know, many of the elderly, including yours truly, can be a real pain, but Connie shrugs it off and keeps doing her best to help you like the angel she is.

I wrote this article because only the people who rob, abuse or murder someone gets all the attention in newspapers, TV or radio.

We should demand that news agencies give a little attention to people who do so much good; angels who walk among us.

God bless Connie and all the angels who do their thing because they believe it’s the right thing to do.

Anthony Yachini