Football team can be great for area

To the Editor,

In regards to the semi-pro football article on Tuesday, February 9. I was a bit intrigued to hear that Hancock County has an opportunity to be home to a semi pro football team.

Being a former member of the West Virginia Wham semi-pro team, I understand the personal and social benefits that a well-run organization can bring to a community. I was asked to play semi-pro football at a time in my life when my mother was in her final battle with cancer, my career had stalled and I needed an outlet for my emotions.

The Wham allowed me that opportunity. Our team was not just about playing football, we wanted to be part of the community. We did this by running youth football camps, visiting children in the hospital, participating in parades, creating charity/benefit events, and several other great experiences.

One of my fondest memories comes from semi-pro football, after winning a league championship. My mother was now too sick to attend games but I was able to call her from the field to tell her we were champs. Thinking of that conversation still brings tears to my eyes. The connections I made with teammates and people in the community is something I will always cherish.

I don’t know Mr. Keffer or the intentions of the Tri State All-Stars but I do know what semi-pro football did for me, my teammates, and the lives we touched. If there is any chance that they can do something positive for this community, I would hope the Hancock Board of Education would give them a chance.

Shanon Schuetzner