Some issues rehashed

To the Editor,

Issues rehashed in 50 words or less, and chosen at random:

The conservative pundits get so pumped up in what the Heritage and other conservative think tanks say, they can’t think for themselves and become parrots reporting the same gibberish every day.

For a brief time in history, the price of a barrel of black crude controlled the existence of civilization; henceforth it’s wind and solar.

If one takes all the science fiction out of the Bible, it’s the greatest story ever told and has a great philosophical message worthy of Christian belief starting with the New Testament.

The most shameful scourge in America is eczema. Instead of a cure, the pharmaceutical firms makes billions of dollars from stocking rows and rows of shelves in every known store in America with oils and creams to soothe the condition. Gimme a break.

Some say Christianity is on the wane. Just think, folks, if we get the real zest for Christianity back we can hang witches again.

The whole foundation of civilization is the reproductive phenomenon of every species in some act of fertilizing the female egg, yet it’s characterized by the holier-than-thou as sin, not science.

The sexual revolution started with Adam and Eve and billions of humans have come and gone enjoying sleepovers. One can’t blame the 20th century for permissiveness.

I keep hearing, “Let the locals run their own school curriculum.” If the locals came out of the failing school system, it will probably be failing worse when they get done.

The best schooling system was back in the good old days. The books were there. The teachers were there. If one wanted to learn, the opportunity was there. The day-dreamers wind up working in manufacturing.

The phoney-baloney deceit of conservative government calls for lower taxes, yet it enacts the most regressive tax in history – legalized gambling – at the casinos sanctioned by many politicians.

Gambling was illegal from day one for a reason. All the mathematical odds of winning are minimal. Slot machines are manufactured to do that, putting the state governments in cahoots with cheating the public.

Guns – What the gun enthusiasts do not contemplate is what happens when they run out of ammo, or is it time to fix the bayonets as the next choice of weaponry.

A six gun and a sword strapped to ones’ side while waking into your favorite coffee shop -how exciting.

Whatever made anyone think that this is a stable enough society for anyone older than 21 to conceal and carry without a license, or even with a license, to be truthful?

Fox News: Glenn Beck has got to go as a guest. Remember when he had the skinhead look and talked like one? Now he’s putting on a charade, a moment of sudden revelation.

Cruz wins in Iowa -what’s in the drinking water?

Steve Kopa