A pathetic presidency

To the Editor,

In my last letter I described our current presidency in one word, Wow!

To describe it in one word again I come up with, Pathetic!

While I was laying in a hospital bed these past 10 days and viewing a TV monitor with repeated words and scenes of today’s events I can’t help to think just where it’s all going.

As for Donald Trump and his ways, just look at the first few months and the White House shake ups. The following people were fired or resigned.

• Patrick Kennedy — Undersecretary of state.

• Reince Priebus — White House chief of staff.

• Katie Walsh — Deputy White House chief of staff.

• Mike Bubke — White House communications director.

• Sean Spicer — White House press secretary.

• James Comey — FBI director

• Sally Yates — acting attorney general.

• Michael Flynn — natinal security adviser.

• KT McFarland — deputy national adviser.

• Derek Harvey — National Security Council adviser.

• Walter Shaub — director of Office of Government Ethics.

• Michael Short — White House press aid.

• Anthony Scaramucci — White House communications director.

• Craig Deare — National Security Council director

• Preet Bharara — U.S. Attorney

• Steve Bannon — White House chief strategist.

So as for our president not being part of the KKK or not having favorable feelings for the Neo Nazis and white supremacists I can only say, if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

Quack, quack Mr. President quack quack!

P.S., Officials at risk of losing their positions are: Jeff Sessions — attorney general; Rex Tillerson — secretary of state; Jared Kushner — senior adviser to the president; Kellyanne Conway — councilor to the president and Donald Trump — President of the USA.

John Flara

New Cumberland