Pay plan is outrageous

To the Editor,

Am I seeing things, or did I just read where police officers working or not will get paid holiday pay for 13 holidays?

This has got to be, by far, the biggest joke on the citizens of Weirton! I’ve worked for a steel company for the last 13 years, and I cannot get even a pension, let alone stay-at-home pay with holiday allowance.

Some judge dropped the ball on this big time, and now I see why there’s so much trouble in the world!

This is a slap in face to all the citizens of Weirton and the mayor’s office phone should be ringing off the hook! This is worse than robbery. It’s like being raked through the coals!

How anybody can make such a decision is beyond me. I guess this is where our $4 a day to park in our town that we built is going to! It’s just not right!

Richard Budney Sr.