Who has the responsibility?

To the Editor,

Who owns the responsibility and accountability for actions by the city of Weirton? A recent Letter to the Editor outlined a series of eroding conditions within our city and with our roads in particular. Let me add a few points.

Weirton has been deteriorating for a long time and no one seems to want to take charge and make changes. We elect people to mayor and council to bring about focus and structure, and to take care of fixing our many problems. So far nothing much has happened. We now have a planning group that we’re paying some $65,000, to provide the focus and insight that our leaders can’t seem to do or don’t want to do.

The first thing on the planning agenda should be to fix the year and a half pothole at the corner of Penco and Cove Roads. Try to make a right hand turn, and try avoiding that hole, you can’t. Here’s my suggestion. I’ll give anyone $20 to put two shovels of asphalt into those holes. How hard can that little fix be?

As to the conditions of the roads in and around Weirton, they are deplorable and an insult to every citizen in this town who drive our streets and roads. As an example, the condition of Culler Road looks like a road from the Middle East after a few bombs were dropped. It is a driving hazard and an accident waiting to happen. People who live on or around Culler Road will travel that road a half dozen times a day or more. Who’s responsible for the beating our cars are taking?

Then add insult to injury, the West Virginia Department of Highways that did the work on US 22 West, from Three Springs Drive to the bridge, should all be fired. Paving work that was done several months ago is again broken and holes have opened up the entire length. The hill is an absolute joke. It’s like a minefield. With just four months to winter — another accident waiting to happen. Great use of my tax dollars. The sad part is we actually paid people to do this crappy work. Is anyone from the city concerned?

Now go in the opposite direction from the West Virginia state line into Pennsylvania. More than 20 miles in both directions was torn up and repaved. The difference is the patching is still in place and not only that, but you can’t feel a thump — it’s as smooth as newly poured concrete. My suggestion is we hire PennDOT to do our roads around Weirton. Put that on the new city plan.

These are typical actions from those wanting to get into politics; once you get in, just blame the problem on someone else, or hire someone to do the planning for you, then blame it on them. The answer to the above question is — The voter!

Thomas W. Zielinsky