Unions can help take America back

To the Editor,

Let’s talk here about something no one wants to talk about, and how they got lost in society.

“Unions.” Lost wages in the middle class due to their demise.

The rich entrepreneur likes to puff his chest and brag “I don’t belong to a union,” not admitting that in any negotiation they have a lawyer, accountant and agent going over any contract they may enter into.

The union employee has to depend on a collective bargaining unit of his union to come up with a contract to satisfy thousands of employees sharing all benefits equally.

That’s why the blue collar workers refer to the CEO chiefs as “the Good Old Boys Club.”

The good old boys of hte early 20th century, the DuPonts, Rockefellers and Carnegies, accumulated the biggest wealth grab of the century when men of Italian and Irish heritage were mining coal for 25 cents a ton and working for minimum wages well into the 40s and 50s.

The good old boys country club set were shocked and awed when the unions turned the tide to build one of the biggest middle class cultures in the world.

Joe Six Pack playing golf at public courses all over the country; hopping a plane and flying to Vail for a weeking of skiing.

Starting in the 60s, America was turning into a utopian type world.

Everybody was happy, not like the 1 percent rich of today.

The conservative pundits mimic there has to be consequences in life, mimicking the conservative institutionalized system, if need be, what’s wrong with suffering to get the American people back on the track of conservative principles.

National Labor Day, Nov. 4, 2017, honoring the working men and women of America for working hard, pay is slim and jobs are scarce. Hillary lost, Obama is history, it’s President Trump’s world.

In healthcare, the private sector invented pre-existing conditions. In the work place, the private sector invented part-time with no benefits.

It’s time to take America back to the glories of unions.

Steve Kopa