What is the cause?

To the Editor,

Academia, along with the liberal social elites, who have rebranded themselves as “progressives” to shed the negative connotation of liberalism, claims America is racist. And if one is not consciously a bigot, they still perpetuate racism because of the color of their skin, what they call “white privilege.”

This convoluted Catch 22 type of rationalism substituted for critical thinking is another excellent reason to stop subsidizing so-called “higher education.”

To elect our first black president, it took six times more white votes than black. After that historic milestone, not just once, but twice, how can anyone credibly claim the United States is racist? Barack Obama treated lightly on race his first term. In the second half of his second term, he increasingly gravitated to the racist mindset culminating with his attorney general, Eric Holder, giving credence to BLM’s elevation of Michael Brown (a young street thug) as poster boy for American racial injustice.

Now we have temperamental NFL millionaires taking a knee in support of the same kind of racial injustice perception. Let’s be clear. They are not speaking about the burgeoning middle and upper economic black classes, for some mysterious reason “white privilege” or racism has not prevented their success, but for the poor blacks who disproportionately outperform their poor white counterparts in illegitimate births, single parent homes and high school dropout and incarceration rates!

The first two are blamed on the welfare state, the second to overt racism. Predominantly black school districts like Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore have had billions pumped into them to no avail. In fact, Chicago, with the highest paid teachers in the country, is bankrupt. So it is not money.

Could it be single parent families have half the parenting power and therefore vigilance to form character, instill drive and model success? For years, children in these schools who strove to accomplish were harassed by their fellow students for “acting white.” These schools are replete with violence, drugs and intimidation. So, these schools at best are day care centers with unbelievably high truancy rates until many graduate to hanging out in the hood, waiting or looking for trouble. So when they wind up disproportionately imprisoned, it is blamed on racism.

Successful conservative black leaders and black columnists Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and now Star Parker all preach the same keys for success, irrespective of race, color or creed. And that is diligence, persistence, hard work, parental vigilance, industriousness, etc.

Even successful “progressives” admit the same qualities for their success, yet when it comes to poor blacks ignore their own experience and attribute their failure on racism.

Yes, it is racism that imprisons poor blacks in perpetual poverty, ignorance and crime, because it gives them an excuse for their failures.

But it is not white!

Blaise Hogan