No one looks out for customers

To the Editor,

I live on Eldersville Road in Follansbee, where a few years ago sewers were installed.

My sewer bills have gone up ever since — I also paid a security deposit of $95.

I now pay $43.60 per month, and have no water and no trash pick-up.

A recent article in the Herald-Star stated that the Brooke County Public Service District wants an increase of 18.9 percent –that would make my bill $51.84, and again, no water or trash pick-up.

Who gets an 18.9 percent raise? Whether you work or are retired, you have a fixed income.

Medicare premiums will rise, and we will get a 2 percent increase in Social Security, so you will not see and extra dime.

Is anyone looking out for the customers? Give us a break.

Laura McCullough