‘Global warming’ still a hoax

To the Editor,

My favorite news stories feature hipster environmentalists trekking to the poles “to study the damage climate change has done to the ice cap,” ending up trapped in ice that’s not supposed to be there.

We keep hearing about the ongoing dangers of “climate change,” which was, of course, formerly “global warming,” but which was changed when people started to notice the “warming” was not apparent. It became necessary to change the language. Again.

As I write this, the record temperature on this day was 66 degrees, in 1965. You know, 1965 … when early environmentalists were scaring children with the prospect of endless winters and advancing glaciers, because the Earth was “cooling, and headed for another Ice Age.”

Man’s pollution of the planet was to blame, they said, causing precious sunlight to bounce off of the upper atmosphere rather than striking the surface, where its warming rays could melt the growing, spreading mountains of ice, thereby protecting the cities and homes of those frightened children from being crushed by the insidiously advancing ice.

Nowadays, they frighten children with the prospect of climate change, which, nonetheless, still amounts to global warming.

Since the mid-1980s — when no cooling was apparent, after 20-odd years of hysterical propaganda, and when someone noticed a minor uptick in global temperatures — children no longer had to worry about glaciers crushing their homes. Now they worry about glaciers melting, their cities and homes being inundated by rising seas. They worry about cute penguins, seals and polar bears dying, because the polar ice caps are melting.

“Climate change” is a purposely vague, all-encompassing term which can mean just about anything. No matter how hot or cold, harsh or mild, wet or dry the season, it can be attributed to climate change. Anything can be a symptom. Some unlikely things that have been attributed to climate change during the years: Unemployment, civil unrest, earthquakes, volcano activity and even a rise in cases of athlete’s foot.

The zealous adherents of the climate change orthodoxy refuse to be dissuaded — even after the 2006 “Climategate” scandal, wherein whistleblowers at the University of East Anglia — from which most global cooling and warming research data had, for decades, been compiled — released documents proving that said data had been skewed and blatantly falsified to assure continued funding, and to further the environmentalist agenda. This cast that data into doubt, resulting in firings and resignations right up to the United Nations. Global warming soon became climate change — a complete coincidence, certainly.

When this revelation emerged, were the zealots angered by decades of deception and emotional manipulation? No; instead, they went into denial, ignoring or defending the deception.

It just had to be true.

The truth is, there’s been no significant planetary warming, in the entire Solar System, since the late 1990s, when the sun entered another phase of activity. Climate is ever-changing — it’s been changing since the planet was formed, and isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

Rob Denham