Just a few thoughts

To the Editor,

Random thoughts, some controversial, some not:

Doing the right thing means no matter how evil a person is, he or she should never defend the wrong thing that possessed them out of some sense of remorse for their misgivings.

Civilization moves as a fast pace. History is dead and gone, just a memory. Welcome to the 21st century.

Why is there the jealousy toward America in the Middle East? In the Middle East, America is known as having a Viagra dispenser on every street corner and a porn shop in between. They used to come thinking our streets were paved with gold. Now, they come in droves to experience the phenomenon of natural law — sex legally.

To teach sex is sin is unnecessary. Just teach that a permissive lifestyle leads to unwanted pregnancies and diseases, some incurable. It’s going to happen. Be safe, be prepared and carry a condom.

Remember the good, old days, when women got married and her friends counted the months to her first child? Thank God for the ’60’s revolution.

It’s not what is in a prepared speech. It’s what is in one’s heart. Sometimes it comes out in facial expressions.

The 60-second theory about the death penalty is a must. The horror a victim goes through for 60 seconds while being beaten to death — the murderer deserves death without mercy.

Taxes are not the death of America. Not enough taxes will be the death of America.

Every human in his or her own mind should appreciate being someone special. If a person checks his or her family tree, it has taken numerous generations to make little old you.

In the future, only three out of 10 people will work. Who will pay the other seven? The robots that are used to replace them? Capitalists are not stupid. It will be cheaper to pay the other seven to stay home.

Welcome to Trump’s world of no order. The worst is yet to come.

Steve Kopa