Weirton is moving forward

To the Editor,

Go, go Bubba! It’s all over town. A lot of good things are happening in Weirton.

Most seem to be with your choice of City Manager Travis Blosser.

The big one is yet to come. Blosser is working on a grant to replace the much-needed Lee Avenue Bridge in case of an emergency.

Boom! It happened. A sign appeared in front of the center Jan. 12. No access to Weir Avenue at Cove Road intersection.

Two or three days, no big deal. Two months, it’s a big deal.

Sitting at the intersection coming out of the center parking lot, much traffic still comes from Main Street to Lee Avenue to East Street to Cove Road.

Who would buy The Weirton Daily Times building with limited access to Weir Avenue, Weir High School, Cove Road and putting the event center all in one box.

Just a note to the Mayor Bubba Miller and city council, infrastructure to enhance the lives of Weirton residents should be your top priority.

Weirtonians do not need directions to the 22 bypass. It’s for non-residents to bypass Weirton.

According to Blaise Hogan, the city has some labor issues to address. Let’s get it done.

Steve Kopa