Complexities of the swamp

To the Editor,

What? The good guys are the bad guys? How can this be? In the USA good guys wear white hats and safeguard our rights. But what have we recently learned?

Corrupt officials in the Obama Justice Department and the FBI conspired and then lied to the FISA court to obtain permission to spy on Americans without justification. Their revulsion at a Trump presidency led them to put Trump and his campaign under an electron microscope. A concocted story about “collusion with the Russians” was made the focus of national news writers. Meanwhile, Hillary is left unpunished for endangering our Republic by employing a secret server (hacked by the Russians, Chinese and maybe the North Koreans) and for permitting a significant part of our uranium supply to be placed under control of Russia. All for few shekels donated to the Clinton Global Initiative.

Lying and maneuvering even past the election became a tool to derail the Trump presidency in its infancy. HillaryClinton, always careful to keep her hands untainted, had unleashed the usual Clinton smear tactics a la her mentor Saul Alinsky.

FBI Director James Comey and his underlings were ecstatic to push her agenda of roasting Trump on the spit of “Russian Collusion.” When faced with seeming failure they pushed for a special prosecutor. One expects this behavior in dictatorships: law enforcement first vilifies and then prosecutes political enemies. We all rightfully bemoaned the FBI surveillance of Dr. King, but alarmingly, the liberals cheered when the New York Times published the Pentagon Papers. What have they to say today?

Are the Pelosi-Schumer led Democrats irate that rights have been trampled upon? “Nay” they say, but then they launch tirades against Republicans for releasing this info to the public. Telling the people what had happened is “dangerous and a threat to national security.” Their fellow Americans are of dull intellect and would not understand such complexities of the swamp. At least that is the fondest desire of their hearts as their arms enfold the media nestled in their bosoms.

In an attempt to mesmerize us they intone the words of Jack Nicholson in the movie “A Few Good Men”“You can’t handle the truth.” Methinks I smell a rat!

Where is the outrage of “independent thinking” Joe Manchin? Instead Manchin mouths the mantra of his peers. Is his bi-partisanship only to be found when it meets with Schumer’s blessing?

An election is coming and West Virginia voters should demand a senator who does not tolerate anyone flaunting our constitution. We don’t need liberal New York’s Schumer pulling the reins and cracking the whip on our senator. It’s time for Joe to go.

Linda Wickstrom