Time to start over

To the Editor,

It is absolutely unbelievable how our country is spinning out of control, and the path it’s on, is one of self-destruction. I see what’s going on in Washington and think our forefathers are rolling in their graves. Granted, they weren’t perfect either, but at least they had unity, determination, focus, and a vision of what they wanted America to become. That vision is gone. It is being redirected by a bunch of old senile irresponsible people calling themselves politicians.

When people reach their golden years, their children worry they just might have to place mom or dad in a home because they’re having difficulty remembering certain aspects of life, or are becoming easily confused. People experiencing symptoms of memory loss, confusion or impaired judgment is primarily due to aging. Doctors usually treat these conditions with medication. Isn’t this exactly what’s going on in Washington? The majority of our congressional leaders are old, or way, way past prime. Can you imagine how much medication they’re on? I now see our nation’s capital as the new “home for the aged.” Even now, Mitt Romney has decided to run again for the Senate, at age 70. Like he’s going to make a difference this time around. Is this insanity or what? These congressional leaders should be sitting on a porch somewhere, or out fishing, not making critical decisions for this country.

These politicians are so out of touch with reality it’s nauseating. None of them have a clue what America really needs. None of them serve the interest of the American people, only their own. To them it’s about “political correctness” and keeping their job. Well they’re not doing their job. They haven’t been doing their job. But, they did create an amazing retirement system for themselves. The reason they can’t relate to America’s problems is because they’re not part of our system. You can’t fix something you’re not part of. I say it’s time for them all to go. It’s time to start over!

This country needs a major overhaul of the entire political system. The first change is to create and enforce term limits on everyone in Congress. Then move their lifetime salaries into Social Security and put them in Medicare. They do not deserve a special retirement plan because they are no better then the ones they serve.

How did this happen? We did it. The American people let it happen, but we can fix this problem very easily, by not voting for the incumbent. I believe in giving everyone a spirited chance, but if they fail, as these politicians have, vote them out. Let someone else have a chance. If we continue to elect them, then the problem is on the American people. They all need to be voted out. Enough is enough, the American people deserve better. Fixing the problem starts by not voting for the incumbents, regardless of who they are. Now it’s time to fix the problem.

Thomas W. Zielinsky