Trying to make some sense

To the Editor,

The only way to make any sense in what’s going on in the world is to deal with it in one paragraph thoughts, something like tweets.

Surprise, surprise, Trump gave a great State of the Union address.

But, oh, oh, here we go with the but.

The American dream part was great. Welcome to the world of Trump’s Monopoly money — $1.6 trillion for infrastructure is about enough to fix the bridges and roads in West Virginia.

Big corporations do not have to go off shore to horde their money. With the new tax cuts for the rich, they can do it right here in the United States. Sharing is not their priority.

White supremacy is raising its ugly head under Trump. In a multicultural world that is not going to change its color, we absorb or die as a nation.

When Trump made his infamous statement, “Why don’t more people come from Norway?,” it shows that he doesn’t get it. People from Norway do not want to come. They have technology like TVs and watch Fox News and hear how bad things are in America. Sean Hannity’s “Deep State” conspiracy keeps them away. The Gestapo’s in the FBI –wow.

Let’s review Trump’s promise to the world about Making America Great Again. We left the climate change accord; nixed the Trans-Pacific Partnership, leaving China in charge of an 11-country trade deal; we’re renegotiating NAFTA; and we’re moving America’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, ratcheting up the wars in the Middle East to the end of time.

Trump’s inner circle all act like a bunch of Looney Tunes –there are 10 of them in a room at one time and no one can remember what was said.

Reading faces at the State of the Union address — Kelly and Tillerson were solemn.

Steve Kopa