Background checks remain big issue

To the Editor,

Guns — what are we going to do about these guns today?

To buy a gun, one must go to the seller, the easiest point to stop any illegal buyer.

What is so difficult to understand about stricter background checks.

To obtain a driver’s license, a person must pass a written test and maneuver a driving course with a state trooper present.

To get rid of a headache, one must present a driver’s license and sign for anything with pseudoephedrine HCI in it just in case you are running a meth lab to produce illegal drugs.

AR-15 –in the two shootings in Florida, the latest at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School autopsies have shown none could have survived their wounds. Some could have survived the same wounds from a smaller caliber bullet.

Where is the justice when an 18-year-old can walk in a buy an AR-15, and where is the justice when conservative pundits and politicians try to shield the NRA by turning the subject to mental illness?

Mental illness has no bounds –it can occur at any point in a person’s life, like any other disease, with no signs of anyone planning a mass shooting.

The subject is guns and what are we going to do about a strict background check. Guns do kill by people using guns to kill. Slingshots have been out since David and Goliath.

Steve Kopa