Disappointed in our teachers, officials

To the Editor,

I am very disappointed in the governor, House, Senate and board of education over the 5 percent pay raise for the teachers and others. I’ll remember you all next election time.

The teachers interrupted the children’s education. They said they love the children. It just showed how much by not going to school and standing on street corners. I talked to a lot of children and moms, and they all were very upset with the teachers.

I got a call from a local teacher, and she said the Senate was hurting the students. Not true. The teachers were the ones hurting the students by not being in school. Shame on you.

At the end of the message, it said “Paid for by West Virginia Democratic Party.” I knew it. All they’re known for is protesting and resisting. Just like in Washington, D.C.; protest and resist President Trump. I was a Democrat for 50 years, until I wised up. I couldn’t stand what they’re all about. I’m glad I’m not associated with them anymore.

I can’t wait until the teachers retire. They will have a rude awakening. Your insurance will go up, up, up and no raise in sight. Until the next protest for more.

P.S. My Social Security check has been the same for five years, but my insurance goes up every year.

Gloria Posovich