Fox News and aliens

To the Editor,

A confession. I watch Fox. But!

Tucker Carlson, Monday, March 12, 2018, seriously discussing UFO’s sighted in 2015. Strange objects seen by two pilots.

What’s happening at Fox News and how can the Murdoch family let the pundit Hannity with his deep state accusations go on, and now Tucker Carlson’s report about UFOs with all that is happening in the world.

Trump is getting a free pass at Fox. Why? What is there to cover up?

Paraphrasing the scientist that made this assumption. If alien extraterrestrials visited this planet, it will take us as much money to get there as it has taken them to get here.

With that type of technology to stop on a dime and disappear in a second, why wouldn’t they stop to say hello? What’s to fear?

But, on second thought, if listening to Fox News pundits, their 10-second disappearance is due to the fear Fox pundits put out in the media.

Describing what a horrible nation we have become.

Anything to distract from Trumpmania. It’s back to UFO’s by a serious 21st century pundit.

But some on the History Channel think aliens were here in biblical times. Just maybe. Is it possible they are already in the White House? Woe is me. God have mercy.

Steve Kopa