Problems with parking

To the Editor,

Recently, I went for a swim at the so-called community center and I could not even park anywhere close because of all the handicap parking and police cars everyplace.

I sat in my car and watched as men and women came out, in far bettter shape than I am, carrying a large gym bag and getting into their cars that are parked in handicap parking.

Really? Give me a break here. Handicap parking is completely out of control.

At last count I counted almost 35 police cruisers with special parking places also.

A community center was designed for the community. We pay every pay almost $20 to park in this town. It’s time we clean this mess up!

The police take up almost two full rows of parking, and when a senior comes to the center we have to walk an extra 50 yards just to get in.

Changes are needed very badly here. Give the parking back to the community.

It’s time to crack down on handicap parking rights!

Richard Budney Sr.