Weirton road crews are commended

To the Editor,

On Feb. 7, it took me 40 minutes to drive to work. It usually takes me about 18 to 20 minutes.

This has nothing to do with the City of Weirton road crew. Weirton roads were passable. Not clear, but the lanes were mostly slushy. Weirton Heights hill was very clear and just wet.

The state road, Route 2 from Pennsylvania Avenue to the Hancock County Courthouse was terrible. Some parts of the road looked like they had plowed from one lane into the other and had not come back through to clear the other lane. It has been this way all winter.

I used to worry about coming down Weirton Heights hill, but now I don’t seem to have any problems there, just on Route 2.

The City of Weirton should be commended for their quick and continuous work during our bouts of winter weather.

Thanks guys!

Sally Rutter