A few tidbits about Fox

To the Editor,

Fox News tidbits.

Peter Finch’s Academy Award for best actor portraying a “crazed” television anchorman Howard Beale in the film “Network,” to boost ratings announced he would commit suicide on his next show.

“I am mad as hell, and I’m not going to take life’s (expletive) anymore.”

Col. Ralph Peters, a longtime Fox News analyst quit. He believed Fox had become a “propaganda machine” for Trump.

Laura Ingraham put on vacation for mocking gun control advocate and student David Hogg.

Hannity versus Kimmel. Kimmel, a comedian, mocked the accent of Melania Trump. Not backing down, Hannity’s pledge, stealing a line from Stevie Wonder’s song “Signed, Sealed and Delivered” to be Trump’s front man on Fox News.

His response? Calling Kimmel a sick, twisted, creepy, perverted weirdo on the air. Those words can only be attributed to a sick, twisted, creepy weirdo who would use them against another person in a public venue.

Trump’s and Fox’s biggest mistake? don’t mess with the press, Mr. President and pundit Hannity criticizing The Washington Post and New York Times, that is where journalism exists and punditry is a pipe dream.

Some investigative journalist working for a thousand dollars a week will bring out the truth.

As Stormy Daniels’ — yes, she exists Hannity — lawyer Michael Avenatti says, “You can fire Mueller, but you can’t fire me and I am not going anywhere.”

So, who is next on Fox News to mimic crazed television anchorman Howard Beale and real-to-life Fox News analyst Col. Ralph Peters and announce “I quit. I can’t take this Trumpmania anymore.” Maybe. Mght it be Hannity?

Steve Kopa