Experience a must for school board

To the Editor,

Regarding the upcoming Board of Education election: It is very gratifying to see so many residents have filed for election. Having a good board working with the Superintendent to build our local education system into one with high standards is essential. No matter our age or family composition it behooves all of us to care about the future of “our” children. They will be making decisions about “our” future, “our” societal make-up, “our” respect for laws and order. They will decide which cultural refinements to fund (how could we be happy without music and the arts).

I believe to be effective, education board members should be composed of people who desire to make the best use of our facilities, finances and especially our teaching staff. During discussions/decision making we need older people who can approach problems with decades of experience to draw on, we need members with no children who can offer unbiased solutions, members with previous teaching experience who can offer invaluable class room and athletic instruction experience.

This election is important! I am advised that if your ballot is not correctly marked you could cancel your vote. I hope to see some clarification in the press and on social media about how to mark our ballots.

Linda McNeil

New Cumberland