Keep the hope going

To the Editor,

In April 2018, the Table of Hope achieved a milestone of serving the community for over six years. Table of Hope is located in downtown Weirton at the First United Methodist Church on West Street.

With this accomplishment there were over 37,000 meals served to many hungry children, adults and families. I, one of those hungry adults, am very grateful for the volunteers whether it be the school kids during service projects or adults who prepare and serve the meals.

Also thanks goes out to the whole community for your food donations and others essential to this worthy cause.

Table of Hope, where everyone is welcome.

Come to the Table of Hope on any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at 5 p.m. and be given a warm meal.

Come to the Table of Hope and watch your food donations put a smile on a hungry child or adult.

Come to the Table of Hope and help feed the community.

Keep the donations coming.


Yvonne Tuchalski