Sanitation benefits wouldn’t benefit all

To the Editor,

A fellow Weirton resident thinks she is being a good Samaritan by setting out to provide a few sanitation workers with a raise. She may not realize she is actually wiping out a Social Security raise recently received by thousands of Weirton senior citizens. It took three years to get that $3 a month raise.

I have been informed that the workers themselves are not complaining. I believe we all realize top dollar and benefits are not available for every job. That is part of life. If a person wants a better job, they work their way up to a better job, go to a trade or vocational school, or college.

City Manager Travis Blosser and Mayor Harold Miller have indicated the city does not have the revenue to provide teh benefits for the sanitation workers. To get the necessary revenue, the garbage fee would have to be raised by $4 a month — wiping out the $3 a month raise that Social Security took three years to give us.

Eugene Matey