Strength doesn’t always bring peace

To the Editor,

Peace through strength say the neocons.

Every conqueror, king, emperor and dictator in history had strength. None attained peace.

How about peace through prosperity? Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had a buck in his pocket?

Putin has 16 years in power and plans to be president the rest of his life to restore strength, prosperity and glory to Russia.

Make America Great Again resonates throughout the world. All nations want their little arsenal of nuclear weapons just to meet with Trump. Ditto Kim Jong Un.

Since Trump’s presidency and brashness on power all of a sudden, South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia are in the hunt for going nuclear.

Throughout history all the great powers have met their Waterloo. It will not be immigration problems at the southern border that overwhelm America. It will be the migration of hordes of displaced people seeking a dry spot of land when the oceans rise.

What is Trump’s answer to climate change? Exactly what one would expect from a hoaxer. He calls it a hoax.

The tinder box. The Middle East where civilization began and civilization will end as we know it.

Guns. Again in the news. The greatest generation won World War II with the weapon of the day, the M1 rifle with an eight clip magazine. Today, hunters want a 20 clip magazine to hunt a deer.

Steve Kopa