Thanks to the 3,181

To the Editor,

I am writing to thank all voters who cast ballots in the May 8 primary. A special thanks goes to the 3,181 people who cast ballots for me for West Virginia State Democratic Committee.

I am very much a tire, battery and windshield wiper-blade public servant — the things people need to back and forth to work during the cold, snowy weeks of the Upper Ohio Valley winters.

I was raised on the idea of hard work, washing and rust-proofing cars at Jerry Spears; sweeping sidewalks at Federman’s; and scrubbing toilets at the Wellsburg playgrounds during the bicentennial year of 1976.

The great idea of the Democratic Party has been understanding the need for food and clothing and shelter for the people. I have read “The Bread Winners,” about the 1877 railroad strike published in 1884 by John Hay, former secretary to Abraham Lincoln; Steven Crane’s short story in response; as well as “The Other Side,” written in 1884; Hariett Boomer Barber; “The Money-Makers,” written in 1885 by Henry Francis Keenan, to help build a mature view of Amasa Stone’s battle with John Rockefeller.

I don’t follow television politics or tabloid news. I learned of the need for constituent services working at the grass roots level of campaigning.

Maury Maverick once said, “You cannot fill a baby’s bottle with liberty … you must fill it will milk. I believe in a grocery man’s Constitution.” Congressman Maverick hired a little-known secretary named Lyndon Baines Johnson, architect of the Great Society. Thank you to the 3,181,

Michael Traubert