Life lessons learned

To the Editor,

Last Tuesday, Mr. Mel Coleman was a guest speaker at the Mary H. Weir Library. He spoke of four topics. The four “Rs”, as he called it, referred to some basics of everyday living in our complex world.

Mr. Coleman started out with rules. You need these to follow everyday life. Without rules, life in general would be a chaotic mess. But by abiding to rules, we can use those as a guiding tool to go from one situation to another.

Another one of the Rs, was respect. As a child, your parents would always watch over you wherever you went. They taught you manners at the table when eating. They reminded you about the rights and wrongs of certain situations.Please and thank you for items given to you, or received in that manner. Yes ma’am/ sir, and no ma’am/ sir became part of your vocabulary.

Reason. Another one of those Rs.

Any action has to have an action…or reaction. The why, where, who, what and how kind of follow into this catagory. In other words, you have to explain yourself in simple form, your actions or reactions to any kind of situation that involves you, or others, or both. And sometimes it’s not in your favor.

Role. Have you ever heard of a role model? To me, a role model is a person who sets an example of himself by doing good…doing things in a positive manner. Helping others in times of need. Always being positive. And when situations do not go as planned, you start over, without any regrets.

Mr. Coleman set his examples of how and what he learned through his life. He passed these examples to his younger brother and sister. Great motivation…from a great teacher. Thank you, Mr. Coleman.

Class dimissed.

Kevin M. Neverly