Questions about comments

To the Editor,

Logically, it should be easy to win an argument in which writers like Barry Bardone and Rob Denham are allowed to present both sides. The trick is to not get called out as doing that. Well, here it is, I’m calling bullcrap.

Here they are:

“And professed their loyalty to Obama’s communist policies.” That’s just nuts. If President Barack Obama were a communist, he would have been the worst communist in the history of communism. Here are a few examples.

The Dow Jones under Obama went from hovering around 7,000 to all-time highs of around 19,000 to 20,000. That’s nearly tripling that economic indicator. Let me know when this guy gets the Dow to somewhere in the neighborhood of 50,000. And Obama prevented a depression –this guy started around 19,000.

There were 11 million jobs created under Obama, while there were millions of jobs saved in the automotive and associated industries. There has been a record 84 months of continuous job creation numbers.

And, yet, some still seem to confuse socialism with communism. There is no nation on this planet that is purely captalist, socialist or communist. There are only amalgams of economic systems. We are capitalists, but Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are socialistic. It’s even in the name of Social Security.

“Nancy Pelosi wants us to hug MS-13 gang members.” You just made that up, didn’t you? I don’t see you paraphrasing that statement anywhere. Even giving license for you to do that, you are still far from the truth.

“Trump derangement syndrome.” You simple stole that from Obama derangement syndrome.

“They deplore Republicans ripping babdies from the arms of illegal aliens as fake news.” I guess I’ll have to punish my lying eyes.

“The economic revival and growth President Trump has initiated.” Did I miss something? Was Trump in office from 2009 to 2017? Initiating and sustaining an economic revival again belongs to Obama. But with prohibitive traiffs on our friends and praise for our eenemies, Trump ha not yet ruined it. It’s still trending good, congratulations.

Finally, “While the fearful and shamefully exploitative leftist campaign against guns, and mainly the AR-15, has diminished, it’s still going on.” The rest of the quote deals with the right to be heard, of which I have no problem.

But the writer justifies this stance while ignoring what the most conservative member of the Supreme Court had to say about the issue. The late Justice Antonin Scalia maintained there are limitations to all rights, including the Second Amendment.

You don’t have the right to walk around with a rocket launcher strapped over your shoulder. He made this statement in connection with military-style weapons. (Paraphrasing.)

One more thing, and it’s a question: Why on earth would anyone believe anything coming from the mouth of the most-proven, prolific and voluminous liar in America, probably in American history? No names, but you know who.

One more thought: While praising and exalting our enemies, why does he excoriate our friends?

Let’s get Canada.

Bob Atkinson