Re-enactment of trial a success

To the Editor,

A contemporary jury observed the re-enactment of the historic trial of John Brown at Wheeling’s Independence Hall’s 1859 court room in May. Unlike the original trial (held in 1859) this jury, which included females, found Brown innocent of murder. The charges of treason and conspiracy resulted in a hung jury. (On Dec. 2, 1859, Brown was executed in Charles Town, Virginia for those crimes committed at Harpers Ferry.)

I would like to thank the following for their performance in making this historic re-enactment and panel discussion a great success: Royal Mayo; Michael McIntyre; Pittsburgh attorneys Claude Carson and Richard Lerach; Judge Harry White; John Hepburn; Lloyd Wells; Jeanne Finstein; Tom McFadden; Larry Freeland; Tom Buckley; Henry Winchester; Linda Rafa; Heather Cline; Roger Smith; Sue White; Walt Latacz; Elizabeth Picicco; Lois Buckley; Lova Ebert; Charles Ballouz; and Bob Rine.

Roger Micker