Second Amendment rally planned

To the Editor,

“Government goes to those who show up.”— Unknown

There is an upcoming event in Weirton for supporters of the Second Amendment. All are welcome.

Our rights as law-abiding American citizens are being challenged. The time has come to push back, and to begin truly supporting and defending our Constitutional freedoms, which is the very reason for the Second Amendment.

Following the February school shooting in Parkland, Fla., opponents of the Second Amendment began a campaign of angry protest and disinformation, continuing for most of the spring.

Much of it was, and is, focused against the dreaded AR-15, that demonic “assault rifle” that isn’t really an assault rifle.

They want to get rid of the AR-15 — it’s scary-looking and icky. Nobody needs such a scary-looking, icky gun. “If you want to shoot AR-15s,” their slogan goes, “join the military.”

Well, no, because the American military, which uses fully-automatic weapons, does not use the AR-15, which is a semi-automatic. At least, not as standard issue.

We know it’s about banning the AR-15, because we still hear about Parkland, and other shootings where the AR-15 was used. They’re commonly referenced in the media, and the fact is often stressed that an AR-15 was used.

Another school shooting occurred in Texas in mid-May, to add to the usual mainstream media frenzy. When it was revealed that the shooter had used a .38-caliber revolver and a shotgun, however, the navel-gazing media pretty much dropped it, losing interest relatively quickly. You don’t seem to hear as much about that one.

While the fearful and shamefully exploitative leftist campaign against guns, and mainly the AR-15, has diminished, it’s still going on, and supporters of the Constitution do have our right to be heard.

To that end, on Saturday, beginning at 11 am, at the corner lot of the Weirton Shopping Plaza, the Hancock County Republican Executive Committee is sponsoring a rally in support of the Second Amendment.

Speakers will include W.Va. Delegates Pat McGeehan and Mark Zatesalo; Ian Masters, vice president of the W.Va. Citizens Defense League; Lynne Modranski, Christian singer, songwriter and author; and radio’s Dimitri Vassilaros.

Musical Entertainment will be provided by the Gy Psy Graves Band

Recommended attire and accessories includes patriotic or Second Amendment-themed clothing; American (or Gadsden) flags and appropriately-worded signs, plus folding chairs.

Open- and concealed-carry weapons are welcomed and encouraged.

While this event is being sponsored by the Hancock County Republican Committee, understand that this is an American issue. I stress that all who are Second Amendment supporters are welcome, regardless of political party affiliation.

They say “Nobody wants to take your guns” — they are lying.

There are many, many people who would love to “save lives” by taking all firearms and ammunition out of the hands of average, law-abiding American citizens, while leaving them in the hands of the government. Many are in positions of governmental authority.

On Saturday, at the corner of Penco Road and Pennsylvania Avenue, let the truth, and your voice, be heard.

Rob Denham