A sweet treat

To the Editor,

Okay, I’m not a wizard in the kitchen. But my wife and her nurse friends think so. There was to be a little get together of nurses who just retired, or went on to other jobs. My wife, Jeanie, wanted to take something to the party. I told her that I had an idea that might work. But I told her that it would take a few days to make.

After doing some shopping for my ingredients for my “something,” this is what I came up with:

• 1 can Thank You cherry pie filling

• 1 can Thank You blueberry pie filling

• 1 quart Old Fashioned vanilla ice cream

• 2 graham cracker pie shells

• 1 large Creamy Cool Whip


Set ice cream in large bowl. Let it melt to room temperature. Pour cherry pie filling in bowl. Mix together well. Pour contents into pie shells. Save the clear plastic liner for a cover for the pies. Invert the cover, and place pies in the freezer for one day.

Next day, place Cool Whip in bowl. Mix the second pie filling in bowl thoroughly. Take pies out of freezer. Place Cool Whip mixture on top of pies. Reseal with inverted plastic lid. Refreeze for the second day.

On the third day, the mixture of the ice cream and Cool Whip should be solid. Serve as soon as you take out of the freezer. Should have servings of 6-8.

As for my wife’s friends, they were very pleased on not only the sweetness, but the texture as well. Experiment with other flavors. You’ll be surprised. Enjoy.

Kevin Neverly