Established law can be changed

To the Editor,

The new catchphrase by Republican Senator Snow to protect abortion civil rights for women in the United States is “it is established law.” The logic of that rationale is — once a law is enacted, it should not be changed. That is ludicrous because it condemns us to live in perpetuity with the negative consequences of misguided, immoral laws that were enacted out of a sense of compassion. For example, like abortion rights, prohibition was enacted to address a specific evil — the evil of alcoholism and the subsequent nuclear family disintegration from the breadwinners’ fall from grace and decent into irresponsibility. But the downside of prohibition was the creation of organized crime and the subsequent adulteration of our judicial system through bribery and assassination. So the established constitutional amendment was repealed. Separate but equal was established law for many decades, but by Senator Snow’s logic, a Supreme Court nominee disposed to changing Jim Crow could not have been appointed to the court; and therefore we should be living with Jim Crow laws today!

On the flip side were laws prohibiting pornography and obscenity for eons until the neo-enlightened found the right to engage in such immoral behavior in the First Amendment. So we are now immersed in and plagued with strip joints and porn shops all over America, which has been a colossal failure of the religious right to assert our right of “prevailing community standards.”

It should be obvious to most people who are at least semi-conscious, we are experiencing at an ever-increasing rate, one disaster after another. It is obvious to me, as well as with most people, we are experiencing “global warming.” Scientists say it is caused by greenhouse gases — the primary culprit being CO2. Well, we have how many billions of people and trillions of other mammals and life forms exhaling CO2, 24/7/265! Is it realistic to believe man alone can solve global warming and therefore tame “Mother Nature?”

In Noah’s day, most people thought he was nuts building such a large boat in anticipation of the great deluge until the rains came and would not stop, and they were immersed in water up to their necks. At that point, I would suggest everybody was a believer!

When the angels came to tell Lot, Sodom and Gomorra were going to be destroyed because of their immorality, the Sodamites were so depraved they were scratching at Lot’s door in bling lust trying to get at the physically beautiful angels. So when God instructed Jonah to go to Ninevah to warn the people of their impending doom if they did not repent of their evil, is it any wonder he first chose to go in the opposite direction?

Most people today blame Mother Nature for our environmental calamities. The Blessed Mother who has been appearing in Medjugorje for 37 years has said, many calamities are being visited on the Earth because of the evil or abortion.

Abortion is established civil law, but is anathema to God’s law.

Blaise Hogan