Get some experienced help

To the Editor,

When I saw this feature on the Today Show recently, I thought “Why didn’t we think of that?” What I am alluding to is some cities are faced with the same dilemma we have: public swimming pools having to close before the Labor Day Weekend due to certified lifeguards and some staff members being students who have to return to the classroom sometimes as early as two to three weeks before Labor Day.

We’re not going to change the school calendar back to the way it was “when we were in school;” begin on Labor Day and end on Memorial Day. Not going to happen! We must “think outside the box,” as a now-popular phrase tells us.

So, here it is: hire senior citizens as part of the summer staff or just during those weeks when the other lifeguards and staff have to return to school and adjust the pool schedule accordingly. There are seniors out there who may have certified life-guarding experience or those who would like to get certified and help out the community as well as others who could fill any staff vacancies. Local communities, could we consider this a possibility?

Sandra E. Gajtka