Upsetting the apple cart

To the Editor,

I wasn’t a gung-ho Trumper. He wasn’t my first choice, or my second or third. I held my nose and voted for him, though, and I have to say that I haven’t been sorry. He’s done much better than I’d expected, and in many ways, he’s earned my respect.

Many of President Trump’s detractors keep saying that he isn’t “presidential.” But what does that mean, exactly?

They don’t like his “tweets,” his boorish responses to, for example, the wannabe pundits who are our late-night talk show hosts.

You know, the political experts whose job it is to get a giggling starlet to talk about her new movie.

Unemployment is dropping, we’ve had record markets, business is thriving, mills and mines are re-opening, taxes are somewhat lower, consumer confidence is up. He’s looking out for American interests both at home and abroad, at the expense of the feelings and agendas of political opponents, and other countries. These are the kinds of things a president is supposed to do. Is everything great? No, of course not. But things are somewhat better than they have been in recent years.

All the left cares about, however, is how he acts, and how he looks to the rest of the world. So humiliating!

Gosh, it’s almost like liberals are shallow and only care about surface appearance and not actual, substantive quality of job performance; just like conservatives have said about them for years, and yet another way Trump has exposed their true natures.

You know, any president in the last 25 years could’ve done what he’s accomplished in Korea. They just didn’t, for whatever reasons.

The opposition keeps dismissing it, though; downplaying it and picking it apart. Meanwhile, the South Koreans, our longtime allies and the ones most affected by this, are happy enough with Trump’s intervention and methods, that they’re touting him for the Nobel Prize.

It would be nice to have an American president get the peace prize for something so substantial, rather than just being handed the award simply for not being George W. Bush.

For a Republican president, being “presidential” means being aloof; simply taking the mean-spirited, petty jibes of Democrats and their biased lapdog media, including those late-night talkers and “entertainment media” hacks who adored him until he became a Republican.

Trump gives as good as he gets. They’re not used to that.

Speaking of Bush, neither he, nor any of the other presidents, have said, well, anything about the events in Korea. You’d think a peace treaty ending a state of war that’s existed for nearly 70 years would be worth some kind of comment.

The liberal left and the more conservative, and snobbish, “never Trumpers,” however, groups to which the living presidents belong, just can’t bring themselves to credit him. For anything.

Trump’s only doing all these positive and blatantly pro-American-things because he doesn’t know he’s not supposed to. That’s why Washington hates him with such blind passion. He’s no politician, and he’s upsetting their apple cart.

Rob Denham