Doing it his way

To the Editor,


From a “Dennis the Menace” cartoon by Hank Ketcham.

Trump knows the alphabet, but does not know how to work it yet.

Trump is like Putin. Back in the 50s, Russia had a team of scientists researching mind control. Trump is a product of their success.

Putin hunts bears and rides a horse bareback. No! Donald! Please, I don’t think anyone wants to see any part of your bare body.

Trump wants NATO nations to pay more for their defense. Nationalism on the rise.

“In a world divided into hostile states, nationalism is an infantile disease.” — Einstein.

Tariffs: The chain of distribution of parts to build a car is well documented, and in the 21st Century the whole process wil never just come back to America.

Topsy-turvy throughout the White House. Trump says he will meet with Iran with no predetermined conditions. Pompeo rebuts the next day. We will have predetermined conditions.

Putin is still attacking our elections and developing technology to destroy our electrical grid.

Watch the skies. Death to the planet will come from above. It will not be angels coming to save the evangelicals that will come later. It will be missiles from our enemies and the weather. Climate change is not a hoax.

Paraphrasing Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” lyrics; Trump to Mueller:

And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain. My friend, I’ll say it clear, I’ll state my case of which I’m certain. I’ve lived a life that’s full, I traveled each and every highway. And more, more more than this, I did it my way!

Steve Kopa