Spring Fling a special event

To the Editor,

Many years ago, the Kiwanas Club of Weirton started a great tradition. Members had an event for the special need clients from Hancock County. They had dinner for them and a disc jockey. They danced and had a great time. My wife, Aggie, took over as the chairperson and encouraged me to come the next year. I did, and that started our journey together to make this a yearly “Spring Fling” event. The men who were doing the event were getting up in age, so it was the perfect time for us to take over.

That was 25 years ago, and we are still going strong — and we’ve added the Opportunity Center. In today’s world where we see so much hatred and cruelty, we wish everyone could get on the band wagon of love and unity. You can disagree but work things out within our system. If you see the way these clients get along and love each other you would be amazed.

We have made the event bigger and better as we go along. We have a lot of help from our community, friends and family. We would like to thank our major sponsors: Cathy Ferarri, Hancock County Savings Bank; Sam and Winki Kusic; Mikki Marino and Kiwanis members; the Inn at Wyngate for the food; Rick and Deb Witkowski; Ron and Tina Greer; George Kondik; Tim McCoy of WTOV-TV; Mark Kazmerick; Dianna Durst, president of the Weirton Woman’s Club, Art, Garden and Literary Department; Undo’s; and the many people who attend.

This is a great place to live and raise a family — thanks again to all who help make this a great event,

Gus Monezis