It’s the day to pay tribute to mom

Mother’s Day, a tribute to the lady who provided support and understanding over the years, has arrived today without a 76-trombone tribute or a pack of trained dogs marching down the street. But it is felt throughout the land in many ways.

I have a card on my desk that reads, “I guess when I was younger, I didn’t realize how much I needed and depended on your experience, your caring and most of all, your love. But now I realize it, and I thank you, Mom, from the bottom of my heart.”

It was one of the cards I found in searching through the deep drawer of my desk where everything I treasure gets stored.

I also found a Mother’s Day card there that Larry had written and carefully drawn on while in the fourth grade.

It reads:

“It is Mother’s Day, so I will have to say, you are sweeter than honey. But you really as fun as a bunny (I think he left some letters off the needed word you’re.) Your frisky as a bear but gentle as a mare. And you are very calm but you are still my mom.”


I have a recipe card written out as a Mother’s Day sentiment from Jay. It has a recipe for peanut butter frosting telling me that he knows that I dearly love peanut butter and wants to give me a recipe to use it on a cake.

Here is the recipe done in a hand that isn’t quite familiar to writing cursive yet.

Peanut Butter Frosting

1/2 cup peanut butter

1/4 cup butter or margarine, softened

2 pounds powdered sugar

1/3 cup milk or heavy cream

2 teaspoons vanilla

In an extra-large mixing bowl, beat butter and peanut butter with an electric mixer on medium speed until smooth. Gradually add 2 cups powdered sugar, beating well. Beat in 1/3 cup milk and vanilla. Gradually beat in remaining sugar. Beat in additional milk to reach spreading consistency.

At the bottom of the recipe it read, “Mom, would you please make a cake for me so I can put this icing on it and give it to you for Mother’s Day?”


Afternoon teas are very appropriate for Mother’s Day, and Brightway Center is having one after the dinners, telephone messages, e-mails, cards and gifts have been filed in the back of the sentimental side of the heart for another time.

It will be held at 1 p.m. on May 25 at the activity center that should be completed and all brand new looking for the event.

Brightway Center is proud to announce that it will host the tea and asks that those attending bring along a tea cup and saucer. The cost is $15 for a mother and daughter or guest and an extra $5 for each daughter. May 22 is the last day to make reservations so don’t let the time pass by without acting.

And speaking of acting, Kara’s Kids Youth Group will be providing the entertainment for the tea.


We traveled to Lewis Center – I just make it short and say Columbus most of the time – over the weekend to see Matthew play in the Olentangy Schools Baseball Tournament, where they won both games and became the Olentangy District Champions. The players, who are middle school age, were saying they were OD champs. You know how young men like to carry on.

Matthew played both games, made a diving catch once to stop a ball that would have gone far into the outfield, got a few hits and was good at stealing base.

It was a really nice day warm, with the wind blowing on occasion. When the wind was quiet, we would all take our jackets off, and when it came whistling back, would put them back on. In the process, I got my nose, my hands and the tops of my feet sunburned. That hasn’t happened in a long time.

We got to see Amber in a beautiful melon-colored, slinky gown with a single strap top that was made out of fabric of the same color. It was her color, and she looked beautiful. Her date was Tom Holt, another Worthington Christian High School senior in a black tuxedo.

I have several pictures of Amber looking very thoughtful as she tries to pin on Tom’s apricot boutonniere. Their event is called a gala, with a dinner at the center, a program where everyone in attendance gets a title. Amber’s was “The one most likely to go to sleep during chapel.”

There was dancing and then a supervised party afterwards, where Jay and Margaret served as chaperones and did not get in until after 2 a.m. There were some groggy folks the next morning.

We were left in charge of Matthew for the evening, and he always keeps us on our toes. We went to a very popular restaurant in Columbus and saw that it was brimming with people who were waiting outside and inside. Lamont was told that it would be a half-hour wait.

Since there were two of us who liked the food so much, we voted to stay. Lamont was given a buzzer with red lights to hold, and we went out to sit on a bench to wait. Within five minutes, the lights started flashing and vibrating. Lamont took it inside to see if something was wrong, but no, they had a table for us because we were only a family of three, and many were prom kids with between 10 and 16 per table, so we were served very quickly.

Matthew got the three chocolate mints given with the check because neither of us were eating them and then got very happy when the server came back with the paid bill and had three more. It doesn’t take much to make him happy.

We then decided on a home movie rather than going to the show. Actually, Lamont didn’t want to go and I wasn’t the only one skeptical about driving on Polaris Parkway at night. Even fearless Matthew didn’t want to see it happen.

We got a movie, and there is always a dilemma each time we go to a video shop. He is only allowed to watch PG movies, and there aren’t that many interesting ones with that rating. Although there are lots of R movies I would like to see, I would never go against his parents’ wishes.

We chose “The Life of Pi,” and it was much more interesting than I thought. I was amazed they could make the young man trapped on the ocean with the tiger and the beast itself look more diminished each day because of near starvation. Matthew said it was likely digitalization.

While driving up, one of the “not-so-nice” situations happened as we were driving on I-70 with one truck passing us and another truck immediately ahead. All at once I heard a loud popping sound and looked to see a hole in the windshield where a rock had hit. With two trucks side-by-side, we couldn’t tell which one caused the damage.

It is being fixed as I write this, so it didn’t turn out too bad. And it was wonderful seeing the kids emerge as their own person as they grow up. Amber leaves for college a teen this August or September, and she will come back a grown woman.

On Sunday, Matthew could not find his iPod, and after a search of the house, Jay thought it might be outside and thought that it was going to rain. This is where having a member of the police force who handles a search and rescue dog living two doors down comes in handy.

The dog sniffed Matthew and started a search of the yard and field next door. When nothing turned up, we knew to go back to house hunting. Although everyone in the family had put their hands down into the reclining chair where Matthew had been sitting and using it, and found nothing, Lamont took another try and lo and behold! (something my mother-in-law always said) he came up with it. But it is nice knowing that there is a dog that can search out things if necessary.


Since we had our Mother’s Day celebration last weekend, it will be just Lamont and me on a date that we haven’t had in a long time. I still can’t eat a lot of different food, but I have learned to be thankful for the foods I am now permitted to eat. I look at a picture of a plate of broccoli and long for a sample. This liquid and then soft food diet, due to my hiatal hernia surgery, has made me appreciate all types of food. I can hardly wait to get back to regular eating again but know that I can sacrifice food to get back to good health.


Just wanted to leave you with a few words I read recently:

Enjoy life – it has an expiration date. Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly and leave the rest to God.

(McCoy, a resident of Smithfield, is food editor and a staff columnist for the Herald-Star and the Weirton Daily Times. She can be contacted at