Warning issued: Beware of scam artists and thieves

So many times I, along with the Herald-Star have issued warnings to our citizens, especially to our senior citizens concerning scams. Why do you want to give your money to scam artists?

When you get that phone call stating that you won thousands of dollars and all you have to do is send them money to process your paperwork, it’s a scam.

Don’t respond to these thieves. Just hang up your phone when you get that call stating that your grandchild is in jail and needs money for bail. Don’t send it. It’s a scam.

These thieves are so good that they’ll put a young person on the phone crying and saying, “please grandma and grandpa don’t tell my mom or dad.”

Grandparents don’t tell mom or dad until they have already sent hundreds of dollars for bail, and then a light comes on and they finally figure out they have been scammed.

When scammers show up at your home and want to pave your driveway for a cheap price, the work is cheap and then they give you a bill for thousands of dollars. Say no and send them on their way.

When the sweeper salesman and so-called gas representatives show up at your house at 9:30 p.m. with these great deals, why do you even let them in your house?

Two people normally go in your home to demonstrate their product.

While one has your attention, the other is checking everything out in your house, especially locks on your doors.

In the past, people had money and jewelry stolen from their homes while these thieves were in the home.

Don’t ever let a stranger in your home day or night wanting to use your phone or sell you something.

Let’s not forget the fly-by-night building contractors who show up out of nowhere to fix your roof or to replace your windows or remodel your rooms.

If you believe the plan they have is a great deal, think twice. Their work is less than shoddy. It’s deplorable.

Their plan is to rip you off. They ask for thousands of dollars to go buy materials for your project, and most times that’s the last you see of them and your money.

When you continue to get mail from faraway places in or outside of America telling you that you won millions, do you really believe it? Some people do and send thousands of dollars to these thieves. It’s a scam.

Many people in Jefferson County cause their own problems. How? By putting their whole life history on Facebook or other social media.

Nothing is personal anymore. People put their children’s names, banks they deal with, stores they patronize, etc., on Facebook.

The best ones are “we’re going to Wal-Mart or Kmart and we’ll be back in a couple of hours.

That’s it, tell the whole world what you’re doing.

Thugs and thieves read Facebook also. So when you say you’ll be back in a couple hours, the thief has ample time to go shopping at your house.

When you get that call stating that the government is issuing new Medicaid and Medicare cards and they need to verify your Social Security number and birthdate, it’s a scam.

Never give your personal information out. Never.

I’ve always been concerned about the safety of our citizens, especially our seniors.

Please, don’t put yourself in a situation where you think you’ve got a great deal or you’re going to get rich quick.

Don’t be so naive and fall for all these sweetheart deals from these scammers.

Citizens of Jefferson County, you have worked too hard for your money and retirement. Why do you want to throw it away?

I can’t tell you how to spend your money. I just want to protect you from throwing it away.

If you think you’re about to become a victim from all these thieves and scammers, please call me or your local police.

In closing, I’d like to say we have many good and honest contractors here in Jefferson County and throughout the Ohio Valley.

If you need any type of work done, I would suggest you contact a local contractor before you fall prey to some thief and scam artist. It’s your money. Don’t throw it away.

(Abdalla is the Jefferson County sheriff.)