Guest column/Questions about human sexuality remain complex

“God has given you one face and you make yourself another.” – “Hamlet,” by William Shakespeare

Precisely, what is homosexuality? What is its origin? What are its roots that clutch? Are gays born gay or is gayness a free-will choice?

Agitations from the flesh are intrinsic in our primal emotions. Our emotion, sexual or otherwise, created our customs, habits and traditions. We are creatures of custom and habit and the lure of tradition.

Our primal emotions work in tandem with our behavioral aggressions (I speak of aggression in its most elegant form here), but when supplemented by impulse and passion, influence in us myriad forms of perceived sensations. Our perceptions are based on our sensed impressions from the world at large. Our impressions from the world created world cultures.

From man’s simian origin about 20 million years ago on the alluvial plains of East Africa, man, in the past 4 million years, has evolved into human simians, into homosapiens, the so-called wise ones, by way of sunlight, climate and diet. Life on Earth is one thing; i.e., from amoeba up to man by way of sunlight’s cosmic energy. All life was created from star stuff. God’s sunlight is star stuff.

Four million years ago, we were infants in the world. We went naked in the world. Two million years hence we had grown into adults in the world, though we still had the mentality of toddlers. We lived in the wild with beasts of the wild, eating berries and fruits and raw meat left over from the kills of large felines.

Time is the essence of all things. Over time, the passing of nearly 4 million years, man stopped apishly grunting and began to utter sounds for certain things. Sounds became words. Words became language. Languages solidified cultures because language meant communication. Through communication ideas are exchanged, sexual or otherwise. When man grasped his ability to think, practiced monkey sex in man went out of style.

Modern sex, face-to-face sex, began romance in man -petting and kissing and other romantic antics set ablaze the primitive in man. Our passions born from the primitive and our romantic impressions in meltdown with our aggressive impulses, but when set ablaze by human orgasm, arranged and orchestrated the concerto we call love. Love is primitive; therefore dangerous.

Modern sex induced in man sexual explorations born from man’s horn of sexual plenty. (“Kama Sutra:” 64 different sexual positions.) What’s more, flesh has a way of seeking its own desires because free will in man doesn’t exist. Determinism holds true in mind and in matter. Thus, there is not countervailing force which can cease desires when flesh seeks.

Fifty-thousand years ago, the modern world as we know it today began. It began when man learned to use Prometheus’ gift to man -fire. Man’s use of fire began the modern age of technology and, yes, the age of modern sex exploded. Man explored everything sexually that the human mind could conceive of and then held onto such sexual habits for centuries ad infinitum.

Homosexuality began when the modern world began. Wherein homosexuality can be no more than 50,000 years old. Fifty-thousand years in comparison to 4 million years of human existence is a mere moment in time’s essence. Subsequently, homosexuality, like law or religion, was not present at the beginning of humankind. Homosexuality, when compared to human existence, is a brand new thing in the world.

In contradiction between two opposing views, human sexuality and homosexuality, human sexuality is creative unto itself; homosexuality is not. Or, as Sigmund Freud succinctly said, “Biology is destiny.” Therefore logic dictates that all adverse sexual traits are mere extensions of human sexuality. Homosexuality is an adverse sexual trait. Unarguably, such sexual dependencies are adverse sexual traits.

To be sure, homosexuality was a human invention. T’was invented from our sexual explorations and from our orgasmic horn of plenty. In addition to that, homosexuality is not genetic in origin. It has no genetic marker. Thus, no baby ever born was born gay. Gayness does not have its roots clutched in the evolution of mankind.

To test my theory on homosexuality and on the essence of time, I declare that all gays are culturally born by way of world impressions at birth.

Homosexuality is a singular personality trait “made” from modern culture and from our natural sexual aggression.

Up until the beginning of the Pleitocene Epoch 2 million years ago, man, though still an infant in the world, could not have conceived of same-sex sex. Man continued to practice monkey sex long after the Pleitocene Epoch was winding down. The Holocene Epoch, of which ended the last ice age and of which we still exist in today, is the age of modern cultures, of spoken languages and racial preferences with their racial discontents. Life had become, semantically, in the words of Wittgenstein, ” … a word game.” For example, the term “black crime” is a word game, for in America no crime is labeled “white crime.” White crime doesn’t exist in America. Or, in short, racial preferences. It’s the same as saying all gays are black.

Human sexuality was the face that God gave us along with love’s human bondage. However, that face has morphed into many different faces. Fifty-thousand years ago, the human race became sexually misbegotten.

(Baker is a resident of Steubenville and a local philosopher.)